Responsive Design

Customer Satisfaction

Tawasol pays great attention to its customers; We adopt a customer orientated approach throughout all of our operations in order to ensure the satisfaction at the highest level, of our customers, who are the reason of our being, and to gain their trust and loyalty and we gain this loyalty through our high quality products and excellent customer service that is there to assist the customers and answer their questions. We handle and manage the processes for comprehending, identifying, analyzing, directing the complaints of the customers' in relation to our operations, and for creating solutions thereto, and for providing the outcomes and the feedback to the customers in the most accurate manner, by assessing such complaints in accordance with the principles of transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity and confidentiality, and we utilize from such details and information in order to ensure our continuous improvement.


The secret to all successful projects is Excellent Quality; we at Tawasol are committed to meet our customer’s expectations by supplying products and services that are reliable, meet functional requirements. Our Quality Policy states, “We will exceed Customer Expectations with our Superior Products and Services.” In addition, our Quality statement declares, “Every ON employee is personally responsible for ensuring the highest Quality in the products and services delivered to internal and external customers.

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Responsive Design

Cost Effective

Decision makers, face tough choices in being able to provide maximum business value within a limited IT budget. Choosing the right IT & Management solutions partner is the most critical decision. Organizations need their IT & Management solutions provider to be reasonable, cost-effective and can innovatively come up with newer strategies to save costs. At Tawasol IT we focus on providing the highest quality and cost effective solutions and this allows us to be the leader in mobile application development and IT solutions