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Mobile Apps

The entire world has gone mobile, transforming our personal and professional lives forever. For work and play, customers are now demanding the convenience and accessibility offered by mobile applications, making it a critical touch point and outstanding opportunity for every private and public sector organization to connect, engage and profit. Tawasol has the right expertise and experience to put your organization at the leading-edge of the mobile revolution. Our mobile strategy and development team has developed hundreds of customized apps across the most popular mobile platforms, including iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android.


Mobile Portal

Mobile portals allows mobile devices to connect remotely with an enterprise intranet or extranet. They provide users with easy access to mobile services and content over the web. Tawasol will work closely with key individuals across your organization – from the C-Suite to HR, Marketing and Sales – to design and develop a bespoke mobile portal to enhance engagement with your employees and/or customers.

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In our ultra-connected, always-on world, a strong and dynamic internet presence is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity for every organization. Websites are key to the success of any modern organization, playing a critical role in sales, communications, customer service, employee engagement and much more. Whether you’re looking to make your first impression, or freshen up your look online, Tawasol has the skills and technology to make it happen. We apply a proven methodology, adhere to the latest industry standards, and maintain the highest possible quality by carrying out all strategy, design and programming in-house, ensuring a beautiful and functional reflection of your brand on the web.


Smart TV

Within the next two years, over 85% of new televisions will be internet-connected Smart TVs, making it one of the fastest growing consumer platforms. Smart TV apps bring the power of the internet and other advanced functionalities directly to consumers through interactive, branded applications. Tawasol can help your organization get ahead of the curve and tap into the vast potential of this emerging platform. We will design and develop a customized Smart TV app to allow your organization’s information and services to be downloaded into every living room around the world.

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We at Tawasol IT pride in our business and technical professionals who are willing to guide your organization thoroughly to achieve its goals and lead its strategic direction.

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Digital Marketing

As the importance of digital media continues to grow at a stunning pace, the time is right to aggressively build your brand, promote your services, and engage your audience through the web, mobile and social media. Tawasol offers award-winning digital advertising services with personalized care for an enjoyable and rewarding end-to-end experience. Our talented creative team and traffic acquisition experts create unsurpassed visibility for your brand and products or services, enhancing customer acquisition and profitability. We craft and execute memorable creative campaigns founded on a deep understanding of your business and marketing objectives. Our experienced client relations executives will work closely with your organization to make sure we meet or exceed those objectives, from driving website traffic, increasing sales and creating brand or product awareness to recruiting talent, acquiring subscribers and boosting the bottom line.

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Mobile Application Porting

Capitalize on your app’s full potential by porting your app so it can run on a wide range of popular mobile operating system, other than the one for which it was originally designed. Tawasol offers a turnkey porting solution to reach current and potential customers across platforms. Transfer your single platform mobile applications to create fully-compatible and supported multi-platform applications for your organization.


Generate great return on your investment and decrease your fixed costs by trusting Tawasol with your service outsourcing needs. Tawasol is a flexible and adept outsourcing partner, capable of delivering measurable service improvements in existing service areas, as well as developing and operating completely new service areas to create value for your organization. Our excellent track record, extensive outsourcing capabilities and infrastructure enable us to enhance service efficiency, quality and flexibility, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Indoors Navigation system

The most accurate Indoor navigation solution to navigate inside closed building using the internal WIFI networks.
- Indoor navigation & Routing, location finder
- Visualization of visitors flow and critical zones
- Advertising by Location
- Manufacturing/Inventory/Asset Tracking
- Offers/Coupons
- Location-Sharing
- Location-Based Information
- Employee Tracking
Airports, Public Transport, Malls, Parking, Hospitals, Fairs, Museums, Governmental buildings and Schools.

Developer Academy

Make your brilliant app idea a reality in partnership with Tawasol’s Developer Academy. We’ll give you all the support and expert guidance you need – from strategy to technology to marketing – to bring your concept to life and make it a hit. For truly exceptional and innovative ideas, we even offer financial support of up to US$ 50,000. Submit your exciting app idea today by completing the following form: Name | Email address | Telephone number | Project documents (Scope of work or brief, high-level user flow diagrams, sitemap and/or wireframes)

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Embedded Devices Development

Convergence is reality, providing seamless access to information and entertainment, and driving consumer demand for an integrated digital experience. Be it video, audio, wireless or custom applications, embedded devices and products play a vital role in uniting wide-ranging applications. Tawasol has the knowledge and skills to develop embedded devices to make convergence a reality for your organization.