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Samsung entaleq Initiative 2" 2014 "

Entaleq 2  initiative is aiming to strengthen Egypt's status as a regional and global international center in the development of mobile applications. Cairo, March 30, 2014 - Samsung announced, the leader in the field of electronics and winning numerous international awards, the launch of the event “Entaleq 2, 014", which gives the company a valuable opportunity for the members of Samsung program for applications development and students to compete for precious awards during the period from the first of April until the announcement of the winners in mid-October 2014. Throughout this period, the participants compete in the development of new, innovative and unique applications , and without a limit to the number of applications to participate. Samsung The Giant Korean company “focuses during this round on college students in particular. At the end of the initiative, Samsung rewards the best 10 mobile applications, in addition to the best 5 apps for smart TVs, with total cash prizes of 300,000 pounds for the contest, in addition to many of the innovative Samsung devices.  Samsung plans through this initiative to put the program on a national level to discover the best Egyptian talents in the field of application development and innovative programs, with giving them all the tools that allow them to develop their skills and improve their chances in future work. all the participants will have the opportunity to join the partnership program in Samsung, which gives winners the possibility to benefit from the experience of the Samsung World, and Samsung  will be marketing their applications through their programs, as well as participate in specialized workshops organized by Samsung for the development of their technical skills and their ability to launch their own businesses. At the same time, the first three winners in the category of mobile application and applications of smart televisions will get the opportunity to attend the World Day for developers organized by Samsung. The “Inatleq 2 2014 is considered the company’s latest initiative , also comes within the continuous series of initiatives taken by the company to improve the global technical skills and encourage business initiatives for the Egyptian developers Mr. / Seung – ho yon- Managing Director of Samsung Egypt commented  in October 2013," the number of participants in the Mobile Services in Egypt to reached 79.9 million people, while the percentage of Internet users via mobile devices to 14.4% of the total number of subscribers, . Because we believe in the enormous potential of Egyptian youth on application development , we launched  Developers day in 2012 and”Intaleq  was launched in 2013, and we decided this year to take advantage of the great success that were achieved by a sustained program that allows application developers to grow and develop of their skills. We are aware at Samsung that the best way to maintain our leadership position in the market for smart applications is our faith and investment in young talents “Intaleq 2013” has been able to support the telecommunications sector and information technology in Egypt, largely through supplying the community with a wide range of promising applications developers and trainers . So Samsung decided to launch the second round of this year's initiative (Entaleq 2, 2014)that will give the opportunity  for developers and  students the chance to  market their innovative ideas in global markets.  Mr. / Sharif Barakat - Head of portable devices in the Samsung Egypt adds Egypt witnessed last year, an increase of 27.6% in the number of Internet users via mobile devices, where the number reached 13.8 million people., Which highlights the huge potential possessed by Mobile Market in Egypt. our commitment to the Egyptian market and our desire to achieve leadership ,requires us to pump more investments for the developers and students .Entaleq 2014 will provide a valuable opportunity for young and talented developers to develop their skills and exploit their potential optimally The best developers are chosen, according to a set of standards developed by Samsung, including  that the applications to be involved innovative ,unique, easy to use and offers solutions and services needed by the user in his daily life.  Those wishing to participate in the initiative entaleq 2014 should register on the Website or www.samsungentaleq.com Samsung page on Facebook, and then after registration, upload the application on www.seller.samsungapps.com  

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