Google intends to detect the 20 new laptop equipped with chrome Bock more powerful and cheaper

If you are planning to own a computer Chrome Bock , I advise you to wait a bit when it announced Intel Corporation for 20 laptop equipped with chrome Bock cloud all will be available in the second half of this year will be the weight of the lightest and thickness less and specifications strongest terms will own inside this computer processors Bay Trail-M and who will raise the roof of the performance of these computers and battery will be longer life -long to 11 hours as well as some of these computers will be without a fan and lighter by 15 percent, and some of these computers will screen supports touch technology and there are computers , office such as HP Chromebox and Chromebase of LG -class all what you want in one computer and some computers will be equipped with a processor Core i3 , such as computer Acer which costs $ 349 U.S. and the release date will be in the summer and improved version of the laptop Dell will be available later this year in size 11 inches the Acer , Toshiba and Asus , it will provide computers with processors Bay Trail the company ASUS Computer C200 they will sized 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches in size C300 both will be assured in the summer.

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