AMD announces its entry to the market of Android phones during the SkyBridge project

Samsung, and intel, and Nvidia, and Qualcomm, and MediaTek, all of these companies is the largest competitors in the production of mobile processors , at least in the time that preceded the announcement AMD 's SkyBridge.   Announced AMD today during the conference for its next , perhaps the most important part in Mazkrth AMD during the conference is to enter the phone market Android through a project SkyBridge, which is a platform design will be available during 2015 , and will feature processors are compatible for the first time with architectures ARM specifically architectural Cortex A57 Low Power, and the next generation of architectures x86, in addition to the processors they use centralized called Puma +, and will depend on the technology 20nm APUs. In addition to the graphics processor will depend on the technique Graphics Core Next for AMD, is worth mentioning that the technology used by AMD in video cards for the computers , the most unusual is that this technique will be as strong as it is in the video cards that computers ! We wish to not be an exaggeration of AMD.   Do not forget that AMD plan for the coming years , in the year 2016 will be announced on the AMD K12 architecture which architecture has been designed from ARM, and will be compatible with the architecture x86, and will depend on the technique 64bit.  

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